Alexandra Goldfarb – Graphic Designer
Invested Banker to the Consumer Industry

Before joining Sawaya Partners in 2018, Alexandra collaborated with art directors in various industries, including design studios in Barcelona, Spain. Her diverse portfolio encompasses a range of clients and reflects her unparalleled knowledge of brand identity.

As a Graphic Designer for Sawaya Partners, Alexandra specializes in multimedia content and branding. She seamlessly conceptualizes visuals that not only reflect our clients’ mission, vision, and values, but also feature the latest industry technologies. Moreover, she is highly enthusiastic about exploring the new media landscape, mastering the latest softwares, and infusing digital art inspiration into her compositions.
Outside of work Alexandra is personally invested in:
Yoga, hiking, skiing, visual arts, and her family.


Call: +1-212-331-0811
Connect: LinkedIn
B.A. in Graphic Design and in Communications & Media, Cum Laude, Fordham University
UX Design, General Assembly