Our Story
Invested Banker to the Consumer Industry

In the late 1990s Fuad Sawaya was asked to run the PaineWebber Inc. Consumer Products Investment Banking Group. The team completed more than 120 M&A and financing transactions, aggregating more than $14 billion in value. This success attracted the attention of rival firms, and in 1999 Fuad left PaineWebber, Inc. to join JP Morgan to run their Middle Market Consumer Products effort. In 2001, following J.P. Morgan’s merger with Chase, Fuad began to realize his goal of becoming one of the leaders in consumer Mergers, Acquisitions and Financial Advisory Services; he reassembled members of his former PaineWebber team to form the basis of what is today, Sawaya Partners. Today, our team has grown to X people, creating lasting value for our clients’ businesses and brands, and closing X# of deals in the last year alone.

Yes, we’re in the investment banking business. And while that tells you what we do, it doesn’t speak to the how. After all, it’s the experience our clients have working with us, as much as the results, that make them return again and again.

The results we achieve simply wouldn’t be possible if we weren’t as committed to these relationships… if we weren’t truly invested. “Invested banking” demands that we choose our projects deliberately and treat each and every one with passion, energy and thoughtful attention. Where others might see only numbers, we see relationships and people to whom stellar results make a real human difference.